Trader Testimonials:

“After losing money for a number of years, i decided to revert back to basics & gain a better understanding of my trading system. This software has not only help me cut out a lot of my previous errors but also optimize my trading instincts & performance. From a losing trader i’m now confident & outperforming beyond what i thought was possible. Many thanks. Jide Olowu, Trader.

“Without a doubt, for those who are willing to put in the time, RapidSP’s simulator can help to dramatically improve day trading decision making skills and execution. Another thing it can help do is help the trader find a symbol that is most conducive to whatever the trader’s style might be. There are definite benefits to finding the right symbol for the
trader.” -Tom C., Trader

“I turned to training and simulations after I started losing money day-trading. After few weeks with your day trading simulator software I was able to get back on track again. It helped me develop my trading instincts that guide me every day. I feel more in control of my trading and the feeling of helplessness and confusion is gone and best of all I am making money again”- Kirk Balmer, trader

“After years of trading and losing money I took up practice trading all over again using your day trading simulator software. Now I have a trading style that I can call my own and I never felt so confident and sure while trading..” – Michael Ross, Trader

“I wanted to explore daytrading as a career and wanted to find out if I could do it profitably over a long run. Your day trading simulator software gave me the practice and confidence to do just that risk free. I am glad I came across your soft ware…” – Cindy Newman, Trader

“Using your software for daytrading simulations was an eye-opener. I wish I had come across it much earlier. The trading simulations produced the same results in the time frame over which I traded real markets. It very clearly brought out the mistakes in my trading style. I learnt more about trading during few weeks of simulations with your software than last few years in the markets…” – Chris Samardzija, Trader

“I cannot say sufficiently how much I appreciate your software – and how much I am learning. Nothing could have given me so much daytrading experience in such a short time. All the paper trading I did on my broker’s site has never been able to do that.” – Mike Lee, Trader

“My reaction after using RapidSP was “I was insane to put money at risk out there without the understanding that trading with RapidSP gave me.” Thanks for a great piece of software that is easy to use” – Jake Yokoyama, Trader

“I just wanted to write to let you know that I am using your software and it is great. Very Informative, very Educational and a must for anybody looking to daytrade the markets.” – Travis Young, Trader

“I like the idea that I can paper trade anytime and as many times as I want. Works Great!!! and Very Good Job!!!” – Jonathan Ruai, Trader


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