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Software / Technical FAQ.....................

Do I need internet connection all the time?

internet connection is must

Is it one time charge or subscription?

subscription type. monthly

Do I need internet connection all the time?

Yes. It's the requirement.

Can I install the software on other PCs that I own?

can have any number of devices ...

Where can I get list of technical indicators offered in Simulator?

  • Simple moving average

  • Bollinger Bands (high, low, median)

  • Moving Average Envelope

  • Median Price

  • Price ROC

  • Standard Deviation

  • Performance Index

  • Positive Volume Index

  • Price Volume Trend

  • Relative Strength Index

  • Swing Index

  • Trade Volume Index

  • Regression R-Squared

  • Regression Forecast

  • Regression Slope

  • Regression Intercept

  • Time Series Forecast

  • MACD

  • Price Oscillator

  • Parabolic SAR

  • Prime Numbers Oscillator

  • Rainbow Oscillator

  • Stochastic Oscillator

  • Ultimate Oscillator

  • Vertical Horizontal Filter

  • Volume Oscillator

  • Exponential Moving Average

  • Simple Moving Average

  • Time Series Moving Average

  • Triangular Moving Average

  • Variable Moving Average

  • Weighted Moving Average

  • Line Studies

  • Ellipse

  • Rectangle

  • Trend Line

  • Speed Lines

  • Gann Fan

  • Fibonacci Arcs

  • Fibonacci Fan

  • Fibonacci Retracements

  • Fibonacci Time Zones

  • Tirone Levels

  • Quadrant Lines

  • Raff Regression

  • Error Channels




Price Styles

  • Candlestick

  • OHLC bars

  • Darvas Boxes

  • 3D Candlesticks

  • Renko

  • Kagi

  • Three Line Break

  • Point & Figure

  • Candlevolume

  • Equivolume

  • Shaded Equivolume


How do I know RapidSP software is safe to install on my computer?

RapidSP software is digitally signed and is certified by Microsoft/Comodo as a verified publisher. RapidSP is also certified as spyware-free, adware-free and virus-free by,, and most other premium download sites as well all the major anti-virus software providers.

E-mail at if you don’t see your question answered here. You will get a swift response.



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