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Tradacity Trading Simulator

Tradacity is a powerful yet intuitive and easy to learn tick-by-tick simulated trading platform for currencies, futures, stocks and ETFs.

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Fast intraday tick-by-tick simulations Powerful...Intuitive...Easy

Day trading Simulation Software for currencies, futures and stocks .

Download free full version* of Tradacity daytrading simulator and explore your chances of success as a professional daytrader. Learn to day trade currencies, futures, and stocks. 


Tradacity allows faster than real time tick by tick simulations at a speed of your choice. Gain many years of trading experience in a matter of weeks without putting your capital at risk.


Tradacity trading software provides charting and market analysis tools. Tradacity includes features that allow you  to make simulated trades in stocks, forex and futures markets traded on various exchanges. Use Tradacity to develop confidence in your trading decisions.

* daily usage time limitation on the free version.


30+ technical indicators with built in strategy runner.

Tradacity trading simulator software comes with a large library of technical studies , oscillators, line studies and price styles used by professional day traders. Users can code/design their own indicators.  New indicators are added on a continuous basis. 

Tradacity also comes with integrated strategy runner. You can quickly design custom strategies based on bid/ask prices or indicator values to automate trading. Explore our knowledge base for a large collection of trading techniques that you can put into practice using Tradacity.

Tick data is directly downloaded from server and other great features

Tradacity offers 10+ yrs of tick data for stocks, futures and currencies. Needed tick data is streamed in real-time as simulation progresses. Data is updated continuously


Along with simultaneous view of multiple instruments in multiple time frames, rewind/ff and host of other great features , Tradacity offers a complete trading simulation platform that can be depended upon for  a thorough day trading practice without putting your capital at risk

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