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Tradacity Trading  Simulator software is available with monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription.  Please check our subscription options.


  • Introducing Tradacity day trading simulation software with many Technical Analysis Studies and more! No other trading simulator comes close to the flexibility and completeness of Tradacity. You will find features built right into Tradacity trading simulator that you will not find in any other daytrading simulator, guaranteed.

  • Finally, a trading simulator designed BY traders, FOR traders! With Tradacity, you can daytrade ETFs, currencies, index futures, commodities, stocks using real tick data. Design a custom indicator, run a custom strategy or place different types of orders such as market, limit, stop, stop limit  etc. Tradacity includes provision to insert text, trend lines, custom drawings, multiple indicators, overlay indicators (share scales), display charts with semi-log or linear scaling, print charts, save charts as images, save/load charts as binary files, and much more!

  • Use Tradacity as your essential tool for practicing daytrading with variety of instruments. Tradacity is the perfect addition to your daytrading learning tools. The software comes with very comprehensive tools to practice paper daytrading at high speed. Every visual aspect of Tradacity is completely customizable.

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